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Intellectual Cyber Olympiad in Italian Checkers

Question: What do you need to register for the Olympiad?

Answer: Choose a tariff and transfer the registration fee to the account of the Children’s Academy of Sciences “CLEVER”. The translation link is available in the rules section.

Question: What are the tariffs for?

Answer: Each tariff has a term of participation. For example, according to the “STARTER” tariff plan, a participant can participate for 7 days. The number and time of participation are not limited. The participant himself determines a convenient time for himself. At the end of the term, the participant can extend or switch to another tariff plan. The higher the tariff plan, the more time is given for participation.

Question: Why is the Olympiad called “Italian Checkers”?

Answer: Because the Intellectual Cyber Olympiad in Italian Drafts is organized within the framework of the international rules of the game in the Italian style. Also, republican and international tournaments will be organized in the same style and according to the same rules.

Question: How to teach a child to play checkers?

Answer: The process of explaining the rules to a child, in general, is not complicated. It is easy to explain to the child what is the meaning of the movement of pieces across the field, how to move and in what cases it is necessary to beat the opponent’s pieces. It is best to do this right during the training game – as the practice has shown, children most quickly learn the rules on illustrative examples in the process of game interaction.

Question: Where and how can I download award documents?

Answer: Each winner is given a certificate. It can be downloaded immediately after participating in the “Account” section. The certificate indicates the highest result and rank of the participant. We recommend downloading the document immediately after participation.

Question: What languages are final documents issued in?

Answer: Certificates can be obtained in three languages: English, Russian and Kazakh. The portal operates in three languages to ensure the understanding of international participants and facilitators.

Question: Who can take part?

Answer: All children of school age can participate.

Question: What awards are issued based on the results of participation?

Answer: All participants who have won a victory over the rival “CYBER-D” receive a certificate indicating the number of points scored. The category of the winner is determined depending on the points scored. Also, at the end of each year, the first three winners will be awarded distinctive badges. The list of winners is always available on the portal in the “Results” section.

Question: Who is CYBER-D?

Answer: “CYBER-D” is a robot that uses artificial intelligence to play Italian checkers. The developer is the Institute of Intellectual Technologies.

Question: Why do you need to play checkers? What will it give the child?

Answer: Checkers are a wonderful gift that will allow a child to become quick-witted and successful. Introducing children to the game of checkers is a great way to develop logical thinking, memory, attentiveness, the ability to analyze, calculate your actions several moves ahead and understand the consequences of certain steps. Regularly playing checkers, children will also learn to show intuition, train goal-setting skills (that is, the ability to break a goal into several important tasks and systematically move towards their solution). Passion for checkers will enable the child to increase self-confidence, gain experience in making the right decisions, and form forecasting skills. One of the features of this ancient game is the creation of a unique atmosphere of healthy excitement, competition, and risk! The child will be able to learn to analyze his own mistakes and adequately respond to both wins and losses. Checkers for the development of the child’s brain activity are about the same value as simulators for professional athletes!

Question: When can you register?

Answer: At any time convenient for you from 10.00 am to 11.00 pm Astana time. Operators work every day.